Dansk CitroŽnklub

"Dansk CitroŽnklub" was founded by some enthusiastic people, the 4 of september 1956. It is the oldest car club in Denmark. In the beginning it was a pure 2CV Club, later on it changed to be for all CitroŽn-models, regardless of age.

  The Club arranges, local and on countrywide basis, common arrangements, such as workshop days , courses, visiting firms, meatings in Denmark and abroad, common drives in connection with the World meetings, or just small local arrangements.
The Club has in 2015 about 400 members.

An extract of the regulations of the Danish CitroŽn Club
says among others...

The purpose of the Club is to form the frame around the activites in relation to CitroŽn automobiles.

The Danish CitroŽn Club concist of a countrywide club, and a number of local clubs, whose members are members of the countrywide club as well. All with interests in CitroŽn automobiles are admitted as members. As a members of a lokal club, one will recieve the countrywide magazine, which are made together with the Danish CitroŽn ID/DS Club and Traction Avant Danmark, ATTRACTION,  4 times a year.  One also has a vote at the annual meeting.
  The main club manage the contact to CitroŽn Denmark and to the authorityes , countrywide and abroad activityes, handle the common economy and last but not least the club magazine ATTRACTION publisheded 4 times a year.



On the mainsite you can see The links to the Countrywide Club Management, "ORGANISATION" The Executive Committee "LEDELSE" and other Clubadresses


As wel as the activityīs from all the local clubs.


The local Clubīs Chairmen are also to be found on the site  "ORGANISATION"

  If you have any coments, critisism or suggestion, please feel free to mail the Chairman  
formand @ danskcitroenklub.dk

Corections (Rettelser); mail the webmaster
sfh @ sfh-data.dk